How to Fix 0x80041015 Microsoft Office Error in Windows 11

The occurrence of the 0x80041015 error in Microsoft Office is typically linked to problems related to activation or licensing of Office products. This error can hinder your ability to utilize Office applications, as reported by several of our readers.

Reasons for encountering the 0x80041015 error:

Having multiple Office applications installed on a PC: An additional possible cause for this issue is when you attempt to add another Office product, such as Microsoft Visio or Microsoft 365, to your existing setup.
Product key validation issues: When trying to activate or utilize Office applications, you may encounter the 0x80041015 error code, indicating a failure to verify the authenticity of your license or product key.
Windows update issues: Sometimes, the error code 0x80041015 may not be specific to Office but rather related to your operating system. This error can occur when the Windows OS is damaged, infected with malware, or outdated, leading to the appearance of the error code 0x80041015.

Update Microsoft Office Click-to-Run

Press your Windows Key and Search for any Microsoft Office Application (Word, Excel or Powerpoint) then press Enter.

Click on File and select Account.

Click on Update Options and select Update Now.

Restart your Microsoft Office Application.

Uninstall multiple copies of Microsoft Office from your PC

Press Win + R and type Control Panel.

Select Uninstall a program.

Look for any Microsoft Office Applications and uninstall it.

Repair Microsoft Office

Press Win + R, type in appwiz.cpl and press Enter.

Right-click Microsoft Office Suite and select Change.

Click on Online Repair and press the Repair button.

Restart your computer

Rename the tokens.dat file

Press Win + E and type C:\Windows\System32\spp\store\2.0\ in the file directory.

Right-click tokens.dat and select Rename.

Rename it to tokens.dat.bak

Restart your computer.


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