How to Fix Delete Key in Windows 11

Deleting refers to the act of eliminating text from a document, removing an icon, or getting rid of a file from a folder. To eliminate files from your computer, you have the option to utilize either the keyboard button or the mouse. Typically, users prefer to press the Delete key. however, occasionally, it may fail to function.

According to reports by users, this started after a Windows update, so let’s see how to address this issue below.

Reasons for my keyboard’s delete key isn’t Working:

Conflicting keyboards: If you have multiple keyboards installed on your system, there is a chance of encountering a malfunction because your system may not have properly registered which command to prioritize or respond to.

Outdated/incompatible drivers: If you have recently updated your operating system, it is possible that your keyboard drivers have become outdated.

Superfluous programs: The unresponsiveness of the Delete button may be due to the simultaneous operation of numerous programs, which exhausts the available memory on your system.

Virus infection: The inability to delete files or perform deletion actions on your computer could be a result of a virus or malware infection that interferes with such operations.

Low memory: If your system is experiencing a shortage of RAM or other essential resources, it can lead to instability and various issues, including difficulties with the delete function.

How to fix the Delete key:

Run the keyboard troubleshooter

Press Win + I to open Settings.

Select System and click Troubleshoot.

Click Other troubleshooters, look for Keyboard, and press Run.

Update Keyboard drivers

Press Win + X and Select Device Manager.

Click on the drop-down arrow beside Keyboards.

Right-click your Keyboard and select Update driver.

Select Search automatically for drivers.

Reinstall keyboard drivers

Press Win + X and Select Device Manager.

Click on the drop down arrow beside Keyboards.

Right-click your Keyboard and select Uninstall Device.

Select Uninstall and restart your Computer.

Uninstall Windows update

Press Win + I to open Settings.

Click Windows Update and select Update History.

Look for Uninstall Updates and press it.

Select the recent Windows Update and Press Uninstall.

Restart your Computer.



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